The Days I remember and The Days I miss

Even through, this is a picture from the Japan release of the "Slam Dunk" Jordan 6 that release a few weeks back,  this sneaker will be release this weekend in the States.  I saw this picture and instantly caught a flash back on when I was a person in the line and dealing with weather conditions, favoritism, and people trying to jump the line . While waiting in line and dealing with the stuff I describe it was more of the a hate/ love relationship when trying to get a pair that you really want. The reason I have love for the wait or anticipation of getting the sneaker you want was because of the  togetherness, that sneaker heads share with talking about their favorite pairs to how they were able to get them. But what I hate about the wait was dealing with the politics that come with getting the pair you wanted  like size quantity's and people having pairs put up for them. So it's bittersweet that I do not go out there anymore but the feeling and memory's will always be in my heart, 


Do Not Feed Pigeons

I walk by this sign quite frequently going from work and going home and  I see this sign as something way more than what the word's are saying. Yes feeding pigeons is bad because  once you feed them they poop and their poop can be detrimental toward your health since pigeons carry so many diseases. But for me I take this sign as being a life thought with the same meaning, because you can't help everyone that has they hands out because some people might take advantage of your kindness and try to use you as a crutch. That when the relationship you did have with that person turn toxic because that person never seems to try to become better. Be selective on who you give that opportunity to because you never want that person to poop on you. 


Lollapalooza is going to hit downtown Chicago once again. The event starts this Friday and will last 3 days with performances ranging from OutKast to Lorde. This event is going to bring great tourism and traffic for the Chicago downtown area, so if you have something to do during this weekend try to avoid downtown because  the traffic is going to be thick. However, I am glad to see this event because this can give Chicago a chance for people to see this great city, in a different light and finally let us heal from the black eye that the  media  has giving us. 


Welcome To My World 

I love being a sneaker head a showing people the collection that I accumulated over the years, the only downsizes is cleaning them up because it can take me any where between 3 to 4 hours just to finished. I always think I should get a intern just to clean my sneakers but I probably will not because some people do not know how to clean sneakers properly(it not as simple as getting a toothbrush and soap). Just incase you was wondering about the collection you see in this picture this is nothing more then a small sample of the mass collection, I really have stay tune all you eventually wee them all.