Air Jordan VI 3M "Slam Dunk”

This year the Jordan 6 has become  one of the main features in  the sneaker world with some great releases  as of the "Carmine" and the "Champagne and Cigar Pack". The Jordan 6 "Slam Dunk" might follow the trend of these great releases. If you are confuse on why their is a number 10 on the heel of this shoe that is because  this sneaker is concept piece that is based, from a Japanese comic name "Slam Dunk" which is about a high school basketball team and the main character name Hanamichi Sakuragi, who wear the number 10 jersey. As you can see the upper of the shoe have red 3M with images of the different characters that is in the comic book. One feature that look similar to a previous pair of Jordan's  is the translucent sole and tongue which probably glow in the dark like the "Champagne" 6s . There is no word on when this pair will be release.