Where Is The Jordan 5 "Raging Bull"

With abundance of Jordan's coming out this year it seems that one of the best color ways that was discuss last year have became a faded memory. The "Raging Bull" Jordan 5 was on everybody list for the upcoming year and since now we on the seventh month of the year we still do not have a answer on when this pair is going to come out.

I am starting to think that this sneaker is just a rumor just like how the Jordan 8 "Aqua" was a few years ago(The Jordan Brand is finally releasing the Jordan 8 "Aqua" this year after countless rumors) so I think this shoe will not make a come back this year but maybe next or the year after. The one thing I do know is when ever this sneaker drop it's going to be a epidemic in the sneaker community. I hope the release come sooner then later.