Is Reselling The New Trap For Sneaker Heads ?????

We did not land on Jordan's, Jordan's landed on us. Yes I am taking a quote from one of Malcolm X speeches and changing it a bit but this still hold vailditity in today sneaker world, with the recent crimes that have been commit towards people who wanted to get shoes through online ads. These ads include Facebook, Craigslist, Instagram and Twitter while I have a hate and love relationship for the resellers this type of incident got to stop happening, yes it's great  to get a pair of  shoes from a person that willing sell the pair for  over box price because they have been sold out everywhere else, then again a great amount of suppose to be resellers is using dirty tactics in getting shoes from people who are just trying buy them by setting them up, in locations and robbing the potential buyer for the money and keeping the shoes they were suppose to sell and then doing again to another  unexpected person. The popularity of sneaker is getting to the masses and resellers know this so using the the shoes as bait is nothing more then shooting fish in a barrel, because everybody want the freshest kicks to show off on Instagram, Facebook or in person.  In the last few months crimes like these have been increasing all  over the United States and it seems as it the trend will continues as more story getting developed. 

The reason I am named this article "Is Reselling The New Trap For Sneaker Heads ????" is the  infatuation of selling  a pair of shoes that cost 170 and getting anywhere between 150 to 200 dollar profit(it depends on the shoe not all shoes will be in this profit range) is a come up and thrill because a lot of people had made it to a career in reselling sneakers. I personally know a person who brought a house from the profits he was getting with reselling his shoes, and when he told me that I thought that was amazing. With the recent activity of resellers their community have grown more rapidly and the sneaker head community have been dwindling because in a point of time there seems to be more resellers then buyers, and once that grew the thirst became real and that is when more tragic event start happening over pairs of  shoes because more and more people who was suppose to be reselling a pair of shoes,  thought of a quick pay day by robbing the buyer and keeping the sneaker they were selling.  As the news of people being rip off from sneaker meet up is becoming more frequent I get sick to my stomach on how a hobby that I have shared for some many years, is becoming  risk and can be a detrimental toward your life because being a sneaker head is becoming that dangerous.