A Man Was Robbed at Gunpoint for His Sneakers, and It Was Caught on Tape

There's no such thing as "good" sneaker violence, but this incident is undoubtedly one of the worst cases we've seen in quite some time.

Footage coming out of Cleveland over the weekend, submitted to NewsNet 5 Cleveland, shows two males, one of whom is armed with a pistol, assaulting another and stealing his wallet and Foot Locker shopping bags. The incident occurred at East 93rd Street and Union Avenue, when the two men rushed the victim, lifting him in the air before one pulled a gun and continued the assault.

Thankfully, the most graphic parts of the clip have been removed, but it's a pretty chilling watch nonetheless. With an attack so brazen and violent, it's hard to believe that this was all over a couple pairs of shoes, but that's certainly what it looks like.

The victim was able to escape before things escalated further, and police are currently seeking the two suspects in the clip. 

Source : complex