Thief Robs Teen for Sneakers, Gets Caught Immediately Because of Stupid Red Beard

Another day, another sneaker robbery. This may very well be the most ridiculous story of sneaker violence we've heard.

Police in Worchester, Mass. say three teenagers hoping to resell sneakers were caught off-guard by a thief with red hair and a matching red beard. The teens had negotiated a deal through Facebook and drove to a home to meet a man named "Eddy." 

Once they arrived, they learned that "Eddy" was actually 19-year-old Edward Ramos, who asked to look at the sneakers before another man interrupted with a gun and demanded the kicks. Shaken, the teens gave the sneakers up and called police to give a description of Ramos whom the officers recognized immediately. 

Police then traveled to Ramos' home where they were able to establish that he had in fact orchestrated the robbery. It turns out "Eddy" had set them up and actually knew the armed man.

"Information obtained during the investigation indicated that Mr. Ramos was familiar with the person with the gun and that Ramos was the one who had set up the robbery," police said.

Source: complex