Every day, it seems like there are more and more resellers popping up in comment sections of our Instagram posts.  This past week; however, one in particular caught our attention when the bio URL was none other than with an image of the user in the trademark black and white striped uniform.

The feed of the Instagram user, @shoekrave_steph_, had everything that shouldn’t be in a Foot Locker / House of Hoops employee’s photo set.  Offers for full size runs of unreleased product covered much of the feed, but also was a limited size run of Air Jordan 1 Pinnacles that were not sold at the store the employee worked at in NorthPark Center in Dallas, TX along with 6 year old Air Jordan 11s without any signs of yellowing.

Contact was made directly with the owner of the handle via text she listed in her Instagram bio and employment at Foot Locker was verified.

This weekend while many individuals had the hard task of getting their hands on the “Chicago” Air Jordan 1s, anyone with $265 could get the mens size through Steph.  If you missed out online Saturday morning online or in store hunting around the Dallas area, Steph posted a reminder photo that after 6PM more sizes would be available.  (6PM is the official time that Foot Locker allows unclaimed raffle items to be picked up).

Advertised in multiple posts on Instagram is the offer for customers to “avoid waiting for raffle tickets.”

This pattern of operation goes back as far as the account has been active with multiple offers for multiple highly sought after releases, but the hustle doesn’t appear to stop at pre-selling and raffle rigging of shoes sold at the Foot Locker store she is employed by, but also Air Jordan 1 Pinnacles that we verified were not sold in-store today at the Foot Locker in NorthPark Center.


Backdooring of shoes is a major problem in the sneaker business that affects retailers large and small.  It is a constant battle and struggle for the indies and the majors to keep complete control on their inventory as well as the way in which it is sold.

With the volume that is being sold and the multiple Foot Locker stores involved in the process, one has to call into question just how much was known or what involvement multiple managers have in this operation.

We are confident that Foot Locker will review this situation and respond appropriately.

Both Jordan Brand and Foot Locker representatives were contacted for comment, but neither were available.

Source: nice kicks