Air Jordan 12 "French Blue" Official Release Date ?????

I have been calling for this pair to come out for the longest and now they are about to arrive in a year, but I have waited this long so it does not matter. I see that the year 2016 is going to be the desirable year because the Jordan Brand is going to bring out this  pair that people have been asking about for the last five years.

We first saw the the Air Jordan 12 "Cherry" will come out next year now I am wondering what other pairs will come out maybe the Jordan 4 "Cool Grey" or the Jordan 11 "Space Jams". Let's wait and see. I hope the price will not be outrages because Jordan's have been increasing every year, but that seem to be a issue that going to happen. 


The Air Jordan 12 "French Blue" have finally gotten a release date and March 26th is the day that we can see them  in stores.  The price for  the shoes is to be determine, but if I can guess  the shoes  price it will probably be around  200 dollars since this year models are already 190 dollars.  

Update: 3-17-16

The Air Jordan 12 "French Blue" was suppose to come out March 26th be the release date have gotten postpone until April 2snd. This will give sneaker heads a chance to recover. With this postponement of the "French Blue" it going to create more hype around them.

Update: 3-23-16

Breaking News the "French Blue" is going to be postpone again it was announce that the date is going to be April 2, and now it's going to be April 9th, I really hope this is the last time this date will change. With the"Flu Game" and "Cherry" coming out I wish these pairs do notgo the same route as this pair did.