Ewing 33 Hi “Draft Lottery”

This is the perfect theme to bring out the "Draft Lottery" since the NBA Draft is going to be tomorrow. The concept behind this pair is the NBA Draft obviously, but this shoe also symbolize  the 30 year anniversary of when Patrick Ewing was drafted to the Knicks. 

The "Draft Lottery" is dressed in a white base that represent the envelope that was use to announce the draft picks with in those times. Other details is the "1985" that is on the back heel of the shoe  that coincide with the year Ewing was drafted in the league. The translucent is also a nice touch  that is not a mainly used by the Ewing Brand. There is no release date just yet, so stay tune to SoleofChicago for more information about this pair. 


The release date is going to be June 5th for the price of 120 dollars. If you are interest in getting this pair then you can get them at ewingathletics. I think the website is the only place you'll be able to get this pair.