Was The KD 7 A Failure ????

When looking at the past years on how popular the KD models has became with the KD 4 being at the highest peak of popularity, this models was sold out every where I do not know was it because of the price being 95 dollars or was it the strap and the array of different colors either way people will love to get the KD 4 back.  As for his other models 5 and 6 being subpar because these models was not being sold out every time a models was release, it just stood there on the shelf for a while. Now I do not have any type of stats to back my saying up, all I have is the constant research I do from going to different sneaker stores (Finishline, Footlocker, House of Hoops, Footaction and Niketown) and seeing the progress of the shoe. 

I also check the online  sneaker  availability which means do this particular model have a full size run  months after the release or did this model make it to clearance. Seeing how the KD 7 model came out I thought the popularity would of  spike back up when it come to the consumer, because we as sneaker heads have been calling back for the strap when it comes to the KD models for the last two years. Now that we got it back the model looking more unappealing then ever because it seems the Nike focus this model toward kids with all to the crazy colors that  18-25 year old will not wear, looking how the price have change dramatically from being 95 when the KD 4 came out, to 150 dollars for the KD 7  is nothing to look past either because that can also hurt this model. Do not get me wrong KD 7 did have some gems like the "Big Apple,"" Aunt Pearl" and "Global Game" but after that nothing else really strike me as a must have.  Now to answer my question was the KD 7 a failure in my opinion yes, because there is stores where I  can purchase almost every KD that came out this year in my size and I wear a 9.5 to a 10.