A Houston Teen Was Shot After a Craigslist Deal Over Air Jordans Turned Violent


This story is one of many that I hear being part of the sneaker community of good deals gone bad. Ads that are about sneakers like eBay, Craiglist, and even Facebook should always be cautioned because it seems like this is a new scheme, for robbers  getting potential buyers of particular sneaker  and robbing them.

Another sad incident of sneaker violence took place last night in after a Craigslist deal for Air Jordans went awry.

Yesterday, at around 9 p.m. in Harris County, Texas, a 19-year-old sneaker seller and his friend were hanging out outside of a home when they were approached by the would-be buyer. The suspect pulled out a gun and attempted to rob the teen selling his Air Jordans, who resisted and was then shot twice. 

The shooter fled, while the teen was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. Cops believe that the suspect and victim knew each other, so this case could likely be wrapped up sooner than later.

There's no word on which Air Jordans were at the root of this conflict, but does it really even matter at this point? Let this serve as another reminder to always exercise caution when doing online deals. If possible, meet up at a public place like a bank or police department.