One Man Factory Making A Ton Of Fake Fragment X Jordan 1s

Fakes are still being produce even through, the release of this pair have been months ago. So if you see Jordan Fragments on these online sneaker stores for a usual price then this guy is the one who probably made them. PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THINGS LIKE THIS SO MANY PEOPLE GET BURNED BY FAKES. 

A master at work.

It’s Friday, which means we all deserve to have a little fun. We need you to brainstorm the best caption you can think of for this photo.

A man appears to be creating a plethora of Fragment x Air Jordan 1s to prepare for the aftermarket. I would hope this isn’t a photo of Nike’s factory. Dude’s extremely focused on getting those pairs stitched and read to go. He’s probably thinking about all those hypebeasts who are thirsty to flex on Instagram.

Source: TSG