Air Jordan 7 “Bobcats”

I see Jordan is still showing the "Bobcats" some love even through, he has changed the name of the team back to the Hornets, he is still using the "Bobcats" color scheme which was debuted on a Jordan 12 3 years ago and then it was the Jordan 10  2 years ago. Now we are seeing the color jump from the 12 to the 10 and now the Jordan 7. 

From the look of of the shoe I like this model a lot better then the 10 and 12  because the 10 and 12 had to much orange on it in my opinion, as this model matched the jersey of having a hint of orange on it. The suddenness of the turquoise is also a nice touch as well. Another detail that I like is the leather upper that this sneaker have if you know Jordan 7 then you know that this is rare, and that the upper is normally nubuck. The tongue of this shoe is really making me want these.

The release for this pair is slated to come out in May, so stay tune to see if the date will be reveal. 


The release date have been announce this sneaker will be coming out on April 25th for 190 dollars. Now I know that this sneaker have gone under some different name changes from "Bobcats "to "Barcelona" but I just going to stick with the original name because that what the color scheme look like to me.