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adidas Biggest Mistake Was Passing on Michael Jordan


biggest “what if?” question in sneaker history is is rekindled once again as new information has been unveiled in the story of how adidas passed on sponsoring a young Michael Jordan upon his entrance into the NBA. As the part of the story that you may know already goes, Michael Jordan was ready and willing to sign a contract with adidas—the sneaker brand he preferred at the time—for his rookie season in 1984, but the brand wasn’t interested. Now we know why, per Wall Street Journal reporter Sara Germano:


So adidas execs favored sponsoring big men, leaving MJ up for grabs for Nike. As they say, the rest is history. How different do you think the sneaker culture would be if there was never a Nike Air Jordan line? Would Jordan have led adidas to the rank Nike is currently at? Discuss in the comments below.

Source: sneakernews