Nike Air Foamposite One “Gone Fishing”

Well well well what I thought was just a custom Foamposite turn out to be the real thing. I see that in 2015 the Foamposite model is going to be really interesting. This is one of the few times that I can remember that am getting excite over a Foamposite model.

The name of the model  "Gone Fishing" is showcase within the sneaker that why when you look at this pair,  it have various of different colors showing in different lights just like a fish scales when the sun light shines on it. 

The release date have not been confirmed as of yet but the time able of this release should be around the spring/ summer time, the price of this Foamposite should be 275 dollars. Would you be one of those people to cop them a pair or is 275 to steep. 


The teaser is finally over we got pictures of what the "Gone Fishing" will  look like and from what I can see this pair will be amazing. Getting more information I see that I was wrong about the price for the Foamposite "Gone Fishing", the dollar amount will not be around 275 it will be 250.   The release is going to be in June but the date for the release have not been announce just yet   stay tune for more updates. We have the date for this sneaker and it will come out June 20.