$1 Million Worth of Fake Sneakers Destroyed

Sneaker counterfeiters took another hit today as the Bureau of Customs in Manila, Philippines ordered the destruction of around 150,000 fake pairs.

ABS-CBN reports that the sneakers, which were smuggled in from China, were worth an estimated P50 million, which comes out to just over $1 million. The shoes actually sat in custody for a year after being seized, as the destruction was delayed by the serving of subpoenas relating to the case.

How does one destroy so many fake sneakers? Images here depict workers tossing pairs into what appear to be industrial wood chippers.


In My Opinion

I understand that companies want and need to protect their brand at all time but this article bothers me because they are destroying counterfeit sneakers, when their is a great amount of people in the world that could of use these sneakers that not fortunate. 

What would of been a perfect solution is donating them to different organization to people who need them. Therefore, I wish that the next time an incident like this happen people will think of about another way of doing things because what they are destroying can be beneficial toward a lot of people.