Kevin Durant Tease Nike KD 8

Kevin Durant has jokingly provided a first look at the Nike KD 8.

Obviously Nike wouldn't let Durant do that so far ahead of schedule, but the shoe here instead appears to be some sort of special footwear intended to help him on the path to recovery. This comes after Durant underwent a minor procedure this weekend meant to reduce soreness in his right foot. Durant posted the image on Instagram with the caption "Can't wait for the 8s to drop!!"

While this "teaser" is obviously a joke, it does serve as a more serious reminder as to Durant's health struggles this season, which began in October when he had a Jones fracure in his foot repaired. It's also a reminder of how little Durant has worn his current KD 7 in NBA games this season–his total time in the model has amounted to just one quarter.

Source: solecollector