Air Jordan 14 Low “Laney” 2015 QS

The last time we have seen the "Laney" 14 is 1999 well after the 15 year hitaus, Jordan decide to bring  them back out for the anniversary year. This release is slated to hit stores in spring/summer so watch out for them because this shoe is going to be on the hot list for this year. 

The picture you are seeing is not not the current  model that will release this year the model  that is shown is the 1999 version of the shoe. Even through,  I do not think Jordan is going to change the outlook on this pair these pictures do give you a gist on how they may  look. The release date for this sneaker is unknown and the price is as well  stay tune to find out. 


One of the most anticipated sneakers for 2015 has finally gotten a  release date.  The Jordan 14 "Laney" will come out October 3 for the price of 170 dollars. This Jordan will be feature in select Jordan retailers.