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It's all Chicago. 

SoleofChicago World

A critique on the latest shoes and what's  going on in Chicago. 

Ewing 33 Hi “All Star”


All I can say is wow, out of all of the sneaker brands that is coming out with the All-Star game theme this shoes is definitely have one of the best color schemes. The color base for this pair is teal, blue, and white with red accent. The star graphics that is placed on the toe box look phenomenal and I think their is also a icy bottom and if that is so this shoe is impressive.

The Ewing is independent so this sneaker will not be feature in a great amount of stores. This pair is rumor to come out in February but the date have not been annonce just yet and the price have not been release either, I hope this pair is not a ridiculous price. Stay tune to SoleofChicgo for more information about this pair. 


This sneaker will be release in February 12 for the cost of 120 dollars . Since the Ewing is a independent sneaker their will be in  select retailers,  if their no stores around you that will selling them then you can go to EwingAlhletics  to grab a pair.