Sneakerhead Does the Most Ridiculous Thing to Keep His Supreme X Air Jordans Clean

Is keeping your Jordan clean worth doing this because this look crazy but I have seen crazier though.

It's amazing to see what lengths some sneakerheads will go to protect their prized possessions.
In a post shared on Reddit, one diehard was captured wrapping his Supreme x Air Jordan Vs in plastic. While we applaud his desire to keep his kicks as fresh as possible, we can't cosign looking ridiculous while doing so. We assume this person was protecting his kicks from inclement weather, but if you know there's a chance of rain or snow, then why even risk wearing them if you're this anal about keeping them crisp. And do sneakerheads really walk around with plastic bags just in case it does rain?

Whatever the case, if you love your sneakers this much, make sure you invest in some Crep Protect or the plethora of other products available on the market designed to keep your kicks looking good.

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