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SoleofChicago World

A critique on the latest shoes and what's  going on in Chicago. 

Nike HyperChase for All-Star


The Nike HyperChase is the sneaker that James Harden will be wearing for the All-Star game and when looking at this sneaker I would rate as the front runners for being the best sneakers to come out for the All-Star theme sneaker as of right now.

Now the reason I would rate them so high is for the fact that the color way on them look amazing compare to what colors I have seen on other models ( The Kobe All Star have the same color way but I just think this is a better sneaker model).

I wish Nike would stop playing and just make this Harden signature sneaker because this would definitely  sell out especially how the way he has been playing. Even through, this sneaker do remind me of the KD 6 and google the KD 6 you cannot denied the similarities. between the two. This sneaker will come out in February 12, for the price of 120 dollars.