adidas D Lillards 1 “New York”

I know you are think why is the D Lillard in the Brooklyn Nets color way, is that a sign that he might switch teams and all I can say is no. The color is stand for the All- Star game which would be held in Brooklyn Net Barclays center. This pair might symbolize that he want to play in the All-Star that is coming up but since that Western Conference is stack up with good point guards I really do not know what will be the out come from him. 

Whatever that may happen am looking forward to seeing this pair out in retailers because the color way is great and the model itself is amazing. I really do think in a few year that the D Lillard will surpass the D. Rose sneaker because of the price and how great the shoe look. Their is no word on if or when this pair is going to come out so stay tune to soleofchicago for more information.