Air Jordan 4 "Oreo"

One of the most anticipated sneaker of the new year since we all found out about the remastering Jordan is  doing for their anniversary year. The "Oreo" is a sneaker that the sneaker world have been clamoring over since last year and now they are destine to be release on the 21 of February. 

The tumbler leather look amazing on this pair with the gray accent and the white midsole with speckles will definitely make the causal sneaker fan want to purchase them. Am wonder since the price of this pair will be 190 will the "Oreo" suffer the same fate as the "Columbia" 4 did  with last week release by not selling out within the store that had them.  One factor that could be the reason people did not want them is because of the  white color way  will get messy really quick since it the winter time, so the "Oreo" may be better once they are release since they are black, white and gray.