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It's all Chicago. 

SoleofChicago World

A critique on the latest shoes and what's  going on in Chicago. 

Back To The Future Mags


Back To The Future(BTTF)Mags was big in the sneaker world once Nike release them through the Michael J. Foxx charity, but no one could afford them because the starting bid was at 1500 dollars. This sneaker is about get re-release without the Nike sign attach to it but Universal Picture announced, as of today that these sneaker will be replicas of the Nike Mags for the people who love BTTF and the Mags sneakers. This sneaker will be feature not in sneaker stores, but in costume store named Halloween costume for anyone who will like to dress up like Marty McFly for Halloween. I like the idea of what Universal did with bring out a sneaker that a great amount of people want and trying to keep the sneaker as original as possible. The best thing this sneaker do have is the LED lights that is on sole of the sneaker that is also rechargeable. But what I do not like is the four stripes that is on the side of the sneaker which make it look like a K-Swiss. The price for the replicas will be 99 dollars and you can expect this sneaker to be available September 30th.