LeBron Elite And Low 11

Pictures have surfaced on the web for The LeBron 11 Elite and The LeBron Low 11 that was scheduled  to be his championship pack. This pack has been a recurring theme for LeBron over that past 4 years he had championship packs released to the public. Prior to 2010, when he went to the finals, he had a championship shoe that was slated to be released, but it never came out as a general release, the shoe only came out as a Miami release. I really hope this sneaker will not face the same challenges as before because last year's release was a big release. The red base with the gold and sliver that is placed on the sneaker looks better then the pair from last year. As for the LeBron Low, the multi- color base looks the same as last year's pair, even though I personally like The Low 10 model for this colorway. I hope Nike and LeBron do not limit the release of this pack only through his store in Miami.