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It's all Chicago. 

SoleofChicago World

A critique on the latest shoes and what's  going on in Chicago. 

Bring Em Back: Jordan 12 "Flu Game"


It has been 17 years since we witness Michael Jordan flu game where he  was battling a fever and the Utah Jazz at the same time. Even through, Jordan was tried and weak from the sickness he still display a dazzling performance in that game where he score 38 points.  With the performance he had shown in the finals  he generated a buzz for this sneaker that have not been match by any other pairs. When this sneaker first release in 1997 this was a item that every Jordan fan had to have and it is definitely a iconic sneaker with the red and black leather. Then this sneaker re-release in 2003 looking just like the original did in 1997. Then once again in 2009 but this time the sneaker was remix by changing the black leather that was on the first two releases to nubuck which a great amount of people dislike, because it was took  away from the originals one that we grew to love. Discounting the year 2009 it has been over 10 years since we seen the "Flu Game" and I think's it way over due. Since Jordan is do a re-master of his shoes I feel this should be on his list to bring out next year let's hope this comes out.