Is Jordan Retro's stifling the other models for the brand

This is this the week that the Melo 11 was unveil and to much of the sneaker heads in the world the presentation of the shoe was lukewarm at best. While I was seeing the pictures of the unveiling event I started to wonder is the reason this sneaker is not grabbing that much attention is because, how enormous the history the retro's carry and how people put Jordan's on a pedestal or is the other models that on the Jordan Brand not that great. During the time of a retro release their are people clamoring to get there chance to obtain a pair, as for the other models like a Melo or CP3 people will more likely wait to see if those shoe will be on sale. Thinking about the the years when I was a dedicated sneaker head I never recalled  people saying that they cannot wait for the release of a Melo or CP3. Am wondering if it's the marketing behind those  models that is what lacking to make this sneaker to gain ground on the retro's or do people really care about Jordan Brand at all. So what do think, is retro's pigeonholing  other models within the brand  or  is people losing interest once the word retro is not a part of the name of the sneaker.