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Police Use Taser On Teenager During “Legend Blue” Air Jordan 11 Campout



An investigation is underway.

During times where tension seems to be high between Police Officers and civilians, this type of news is extremely shocking. Earlier we reported on a riot at Willowbrook Mall in Houston and just across town at Woodlands mall another incident happened this morning during the ticket release for the “Legend Blue” Air Jordan 11.

An eye witness told ABC13 that a few hundred people were at Woodlands Mall looking to score a pair of 11s when the scene started to become rowdy. As law enforcement arrived on the scene to keep the large crowd in control they proceeded to asked civilians to back up. While the crowd was turning around an Officer fired his Taser, for reasons unknown, which hit a 17 year old girl in her backside.

“When I turned around, I heard this pop noise and the next thing you know, there was a Taser inside my butt,” she said. “My sister came behind me and said, ‘You’ve been tased. You’ve been tased’ and she grabbed me,” she said. “Tears just crying out of my eyes. I’m just like, ‘Oh my God.'”

Cell phone video provided by witnesses show a rowdy situation. You could hear one person yell, “They hit her in the butt.”

The 17 year old teenager, who’s identity is being witheld per her Mother’s request, was taken to a medical center to be evaluated.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation in this matter to find out if the Officer used unnecessary force on the young lady. Investigating the use of force is customary by the department any time it happens and judging by the submitted video this isn’t looking good for the Officer at all. If you’ve been paying attention to the Eric Garner case, you’re probably assuming video won’t mean a thing in this case either. Watch the full video below.

Source: TSG