Air Jordan “Laser” Pack

The Jordan Brand is creating another pack to get release for the year 2015.This pack may be one of the most anticipated of the 2015 year. The reason is the  "Laser" print have not been placed on a pair of Jordan for the last 7 years so the company bring them back will create a buzz for them. It is rumored that the Jordan 4 " Laser" is the same Jordan that was labeled as the Lab series a while back. In my opinion I think this Jordan is the same from the Lab series from the pictures that was spreading on the internet, and if that is the case then this pack just got a lot more interesting. The "Laser" is a nice touch but not the only feature that make this sneaker eye catching it is also the translucent  sole, and the embossed Jordan logo on the tongue of the Jordan 4 that gained my attention.