Investor from Hong Kong is placing a bid to buy Reebok

This is interesting thought. The reason why this bid is quite interesting in the sneaker world is that every since Adidas brought Reebok in 2006, and got rid of there athletic shoes by replacing them with only retro's(not to say Reebok has not been release shoes is just not as frequent as a Adidas or Nike). The diversity in sneakers has been dismal with only seeing Adidas and Nike because they are the two power houses when it comes to sneakers, since they are the biggest companies for footwear at this current time. Relaunching Reebok and crafting newer designs can really boost awareness and create a new fan base, who get tired of seeing Nike and Adidas. Is 2.2 billion dollars to much or not a enough for the Reebok company. We shall see how many other groups will either match the investors price or surpass it.