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It's all Chicago. 

SoleofChicago World

A critique on the latest shoes and what's  going on in Chicago. 

Nike Air Hurarache "White Ostrich"


 The legend is becoming greater with this pair. I stated in the past post that the Hurarache has increase among buyers and is getting more notice from bloggers and sneaker heads. The statement that I made might actually change once this sneaker release because this shoe   may get bigger than some of the main 3 that comes out every year( LeBron, Kobe, and Durant). This is one of  the first sneaker by Nike that  use "Ostrich print" that was actually noticeable on the sneaker( Nike release the Durant 6 with "Ostrich print" but it was not all that noticeable).  I believe people is going to flock to this pair just for the "Ostrich print" and I cannot blame them even I want them. There have not been a release date for this pair just yet.