Years Later.....


It was May 14 1990, when Sport Illustrated coined a phrase "Your sneakers or your life" this article express the rapid increase  in violence amongst the youth and their favorite athletic brands. This expose reveal how young inner city boys that range from the ages of 13-18, would do anything to obtain a pair of Jordan's or a jacket even resulting in killing his fellow man over this item. Fast forward 23 years later and we are facing the same dilemma people did in the 90's, the only difference is majority of the people who was robbing and killing people over these items could not afford them. In today times  people are doing  it to gain a profit, because the value of sneaker have increase dramatically from being something that you may wear to look a certain way is now, being something that can be consider a job within itself.  The emerge of technology(blogs and online stores) and ebay has made what was a recreational purchase into a must have amoungst the youth and elders as well, which give an outlet to would be robber to victimized a person by robbing them or killing and taking their pair of shoes and selling them  on e bay or a third party, that could be  an online store for double the shoe value. Over last three years getting murder over  a pair of shoes has become the normal especially for the holiday releases (Concord, Cool Greys,Breds and Etc.), which is valued a great amount hence forth the mass murder around the release day.