Allen Iverson Retirement

The time finally came Allen Iverson is retiring at the age of the 38, his career has span over the last 14 years. Iverson is arguable one of the best player to ever grace the court form his gladiator style approach, of not caring about his body to his  David  and Goliath demeanor when it came to bigger players in the NBA ,he always gave it his all when on the court( maybe not practice). From 2001 to 2006 Iverson grew very iconic with the famous rant about practice to stepping over Tyronne Lue at the championship game. What made him a house whole name is when he face off between Jordan then cross cross him over. That was his arrival game and that's when people started to pay attention to what Iverson was doing. With that one highlight his fan base also grew when it came to shoes and every one wanted a pair of Questions, because that was the sneaker he was wear going against Jordan. This retirement have me thinking that the NBA should go another 50 greatest NBA player list, because I know Iverson should make that list.