What Is Purpose

Jeff AterComment

Opportunity Propels Destiny

We must look at purpose from the perspective that there are several different things we need to get done instead of one thing. It’s the same concept as long term planning. If you can see your end from your beginning then you can take your time getting there.

There’s people that have the mindset of finding their purpose but never find it because they are looking for one thing. I believe it gives you tunnel vision and it doesn’t allow you to be open minded to endless possibilities. Most people find their purpose on accident; they just stumble over it while doing something. 

Your purpose is found when you position yourself for opportunity. You can’t wait for people to stimulate your purpose. You must challenge yourself. Challenging yourself matures your purpose and brings you closer to your final destination.

Some people have the same job for years and they want to grow with the company but they are too busy waiting. Waiting on someone to teach them, show them, or recognize them. My generation suffers from this the most because we believe people should just recognize the greatness within and we ourselves have yet to grasp this revelation. Everyone possesses greatness but few unlock it. You must prove to others that you are greater than your current position. You must shatter others preconception of who you are. Glass ceilings can only be shattered by the prisoner from within.   

Sometimes the only options you have are challenge yourself or die.

If you never try and just give up, your career will die, along with your purpose. People will give up on you when you give up on you.

*Fear of the unknown