What Is Purpose

Jeff AterComment

Opportunity Propels Destiny

We must look at purpose from the perspective that there are several different things we need to get done instead of one thing. It’s the same concept as long term planning. If you can see your end from your beginning then you can take your time getting there.

There’s people that have the mindset of finding their purpose but never find it because they are looking for one thing. I believe it gives you tunnel vision and it doesn’t allow you to be open minded to endless possibilities. Most people find their purpose on accident; they just stumble over it while doing something. 

Your purpose is found when you position yourself for opportunity. You can’t wait for people to stimulate your purpose. You must challenge yourself. Challenging yourself matures your purpose and brings you closer to your final destination.

Some people have the same job for years and they want to grow with the company but they are too busy waiting. Waiting on someone to teach them, show them, or recognize them. My generation suffers from this the most because we believe people should just recognize the greatness within and we ourselves have yet to grasp this revelation. Everyone possesses greatness but few unlock it. You must prove to others that you are greater than your current position. You must shatter others preconception of who you are. Glass ceilings can only be shattered by the prisoner from within.   

Sometimes the only options you have are challenge yourself or die.

If you never try and just give up, your career will die, along with your purpose. People will give up on you when you give up on you.

*Fear of the unknown

Knocking On The Door! Don't Quit!

Jeff AterComment

Can management effect your commitment? I mean really…. This is a world where nobody wants to see the good in anybody else but only the good within themselves.

My family and I were watching the movie “Drumline” last night starring, Nick Cannon. I love the part when Orlando Jones reveals Leonard Roberts heart. He takes him back to his past, shows him where he used to be, and why he put him in charge. Even though Roberts didn’t think he was capable of leading a team, Jones saw leadership within him. He then takes him to the present. Cannon was a very talented drummer and Roberts was jealous of him. So much so he no longer put the team first. Jones said, “I put you in charge because you loved the sound of the line more than the beat of your own drum.” This caused a great battle between Roberts and Cannon. Roberts’ jealousy fueled Cannon’s pride and a desire to prove himself. He wanted to prove that he was worth the spotlight. Roberts didn’t realize that responsible leaders create leaders through love and patience.

I say all of this to say, yes, management has a big impact on the productivity and growth of an organization but those who are not in leadership need to set a greater standard. Jealousy, amongst other things, effects people in different ways. Some react like Cannon but most go into hiding. We get depressed and want to throw in the towel. This causes us to easily forget our commitment because we find excuses to justify our actions.

There is this story of a man. Many of us have heard it before. He works at a job giving it his all. He trains several people how to be promoted over him. He gets so frustrated that he quits the job. The day he quits is the day his manager was going to promote him.

Our perception is so powerful that what we perceive could be false but our imagination will still bury us. I’ve learned in life that our commitments seem to call out war. That’s why so many are afraid to commit and many who aren’t have a hard time committing. We need to understand the weight of commitment and know that it will always bring a challenge. Then we can have the ability to better prepare for battle.

The weapons of this war is to either deter you or cause you to become powerless within your commitment. Powerless meaning dissatisfied and always having an eye for something better or different. Picture someone who is window shopping and doesn’t realize they already own what they desire.

Does your commitment depend on emotions? When your strength rests in the approval of others, you allow your emotions to rule you.

Commitment influences those around you.

One week, my nephew came over and every day the first thing he would say was…. How was work? The first time I heard that it was like getting hit with a ton of bricks. I felt responsible for what I said as a man. While in deep meditation on those words, I said it was good. I began to realize the youth are watching us. We are feeding their subconscious mind of how their future might be which affects their point of view presently. The youth realize that they go to school every day in preparation of obtaining a job. If we don’t exemplify passion and commitment to our jobs why should they be passionate and committed to school?

Your commitment causes a chain reaction. Be careful of your actions. It’s easy to speak from emotion but it takes wisdom to be patient with your thoughts. Commitment outweighs education. Commitment doesn’t just approach a door. It does everything in its power to get on the other side of the door. Commitment doesn’t say, “Well, I will wait until somebody realizes I’m outside and then they will open the door.” No. Commitment rings the bell, knocks on the door, and turns the door knob. Commitment never gives up! It has one thought. Getting to the other side.